College Article n' Gender Conference Schedule

I received an e-mail recently from the editor of Westminster College's college newspaper from an student requesting to interview me about being trans. Seeing as November is Transgender Awareness Month, his timing couldn't have been better. Additionally, this Saturday a local trans-advocacy group called TransAction is hosting their 2nd Annual Gender Conference themed "Engendering Community".

When it comes to an interview, I wrack my brain over what to say and, most importantly, what not to say. I worry that I don't really know how to relay my experience and perspectives in a nutshell that won't just come out as completely foreign blabber. But, somehow, someway, this poor journalist student somehow deciphered my ranting and raving wrote about it. The print version has a huge red Ken and Barbie doll backdrop and also an advertisement for this Saturday's conference.

A complex equation: Transgendered student speaks out

X. XY. Sex and gender is as simple as that. Wrong. In a world of transgendered, transsexual, pansexual, gender-queer and more, sex and gender is no longer determined by a couple chromosomes. Read more >

And now on to the underlying moral of this post: It's a bit close to the date, but the official schedule for Saturday's conference just came out!


  1. Way to go Dex! Great article!!

    Have fun at the Conference ;)

  2. i really liked the article! enjoy the conference!

  3. Thanks you two! The conference was uber swell. I'll post some riveting transtastic details after I'm done writing three frickin' papers tomorrow and prepping for a test Tues. Weeeee school! ;]


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