Viddy Documentation: 1 Year & 10 Months

I made a video on September 28th and haven't been able to upload/post it until now. So, here we go - and almost at the two year mark! It was about time I made another contribution to my blog's video archive.

Take notice: I chose a most excellent spot to sit in for the filmage to encompass the world I now inhabit - my parents. Notice my mother's fine decorative skills - the beautiful brown wall thing, merging splendidly with the vivid colors of the chair quilts. And, of course, also a fine addition to the ambiance: my feline companion Theseus perched above my shoulders.

I'm so cool it hurts:

No, really, it does.


  1. Seb says you look like you could be Joaquin Phoenix's brother. Which I'd take as a complement since he's pretty hot.

    Also, how much does it cost to have a visit with your doctor? You do have friends who might be able to lend a hand with the costs...

  2. Joaquin Phoenix is vegan! And bad ass.

    I'm not sure about the cost - but it's being billed. So I need not fret about it just yet. No lendage! But thank you. :]

  3. so my husband has maybe less scruff than you. Just sayin'. He's pretty manly as well. He has the whole male pattern baldness thing going on, which he loves to point out is due to high testosterone levels.

    Since I've seen you not frequently, but occasionally, I can say you **totally** pass male now. I know you know this from your experiences, but as someone who has known you for years, it's just wierd and cool to see the transition from my end. You are still looking great!!

  4. dscokween: Sah-weet with the scruff shindig. It's getting there. Hopefully male pattern baldness, too - if I'm lucky. ;]

    Thank you for the looking great compliment, by the way. As a side note, I always like to disclaimer that "passing" hasn't ever been my goal. I believe that we all "pass" as diverse individuals who don't have to adhere to what's considered appropriately "male" or "female" - yet, socially, I do live in a culture that views gender through a really hyper-binary lens, and being seen as a boring ol' dude ='s more personal safety and ease.

    But, honestly, it's a byproduct of my underlying hyper-important desire to just experience a connection to my body - irrelevant to how society perceives my gender.

    SO, with that rambling disclaimer aside, thank you for the consistent support you've given throughout this experience. You're wonderful and much appreciated! :]


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