Halloween Makeup 101!

Halloween 2009
Look what just came out as a web-exclusive in In Utah This Week written by my most gaggle o' faggle friend, Princess Kennedy; and featuring some of my zombie makeup how-to recipes - starting with a super easy Level 1 Zombie to a more advanced with foam latex prosthetic Level 4 Zombie!!!!!

I enjoyed taking a quick break from midterms to put these recipes together - especially seeing as this year I will NOT be partaking in gruesome zombie makeup fun (no time!) and instead will be the banana to Erin's gorilla. Close?

Princess Kennedy: Halloween Makeup 101

When it comes to Halloween, I think it's more appropriate to go the scary route when it comes to costumes. There is nothing wrong with cowboys, pimps and naughty nurses, but I like to use this time of year to cover myself in as much fake blood as I can. Read More >

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  1. Hi forum, cool weather and good mood. life is a good thing however turn

  2. foam latex is oodles of fun, but also oodles of work and pricey. I need to get with you and show the magic of Gelskin! It's basically glycerin and Knox gelatin rendered into a nice lovely suspension. It liquifies with warm water soaks, and sets into a lovely solid at room temperature.

    You can cover this with makeup and actually cut into it like real skin to create a skin-like texture. It's one of those things that old-school makeup artists only share with their prodigies. I hope I still have the recipe laying around somewhere....

  3. I've heard of Gelskin but, keep in mind, I don't do the Knox gelatin (a colorless water-soluble glutinous protein obtained from animal tissues such as bone and skin) since I'm vegan! So, with makeup, I always try to find ways to be innovative with the instructions and utilize non-animal-derived means. :]

    Thank you, though!!

  4. i thought about that after I posted. I've had similar results simply using powdered tapioca. I'm sure that sort of thing is available in bulk or at Calis.

    I don't think it's animal derived, but I'd have to take a look at the process.

  5. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

  6. Dscokween: Hmmm! I'll totally give powdered tapioca a shot!


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