There are so many ways to celebrate the awesomeness of my dazzling and entirely legal first name. For example, look what brand of shoes Payless sells and that I now own a pair of:

YES. And there are others, too - with Dexter sprawled on the sides or back, ranging from $10-$20.

Oh, and look at this pen that I found:

Yes, that IS a "D". And yes, those are jewels on it. Jealous much?

Kitty Time

Since I mentioned my rabble rouser kitty cat Theseus in my last post, I thought I'd post these fairly recent images of her in crazy town. 

Throughout my years of co-habitating with my feline companions, whenever I buy some special cat toy or bed, it goes unused. They generally opt to play with little milk rings or sleep in shoe boxes or something that doesn't cost me anything. With Theseus, she actually uses every single cat trinket I've purchased - for example, a slumber ball (cat version of a bean bag), her cozy heated cabin, little cat crinkle balls. One day while passing by the baby aisle at the grocery store, I noticed this blue baby blanket covered in baseballs, bats, and stars. I knew that I absolutely had to buy this thing for her. 

The second I brought it home and set it out she immediately laid on it. Purred in it. Climbed underneath it, around it. Fell asleep on it. She's loved it ever since.

So, I come home a few weeks ago and, of course, she's hiding in her blue baby blankie:
The beast lurking in her blue baby blankie lair. Terror inducing!
The beast has been revealed. Oooo, scary!
Kill mode, kill mode!


  1. Oh.My.Zombies I want to join the I <3 Theseus Fan Club!!!!


  2. There is no fan club! No one <3's Theseus! NO ONE.


  3. I'd rock some Dexter shoes. Or start a Dexter fan club even


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