Photo Documentation: 1 Year & 9 Months

It's been difficult to blog! My ghetto laptop of yesteryear imploded, but now a nifty little Samsung N310 netbook is in my possession.

Exciting things are afoot that I fully intend to babble on about, but in the meantime, let's get this photo documentation out of the way. What must be done - must be done.

1 Year 9 Months on Testosterone Cypionate (0.7 mL every 2 weeks)

Stomach (hair growth + fat redistribution):

Not too many pictures of my stomach this time around. I couldn't help myself and shaved it two weeks ago, stemming from an impulsive moment of curiosity. It was satisfying at the time, and then disturbed me five minutes later. I'm excited for it to continue growing back. Grow stomach hair grow!

Facial Hair/Acne/Facial Masculinizing:

This is post-shave. I can't handle letting it grow out - but I'll try to one of these days, when it's not as patchy.

Leg (hair growth + muscle development):

Inner-thigh hairy action!


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