Great FTM Article in the New Yorks Times

Go New York Times, with this article regarding one of Original Plumbing's (FTM magazine) founders, Amos Mac:

"WE figured we’ll print 500 copies and they’ll take months to sell," Rocco Kayiatos said the other day, referring to Original Plumbing, a quarterly he started a little over a year ago with a friend, Amos Mac.

“We just thought there was a need because the world is pretty much ignorant of the existence of transmen,” said Mr. Kayiatos, a poet and rapper who performs under the name Katastrophe and who, like Mr. Mac, identifies himself as a transman. Read More >


  1. After readin this I only have one thing to say... Why is it we haven't started our own musical performing group already?

  2. Um, I can play the double horn. Will that be musical performing group acceptable? Otherwise, I can make my hair pretty and rattle a tambourine.


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