Degrassi Introduces Trans Character

Earlier tonight while I was feeding my addiction to the television show The Shield starring Michael Chiklis my roommate blurted out while perusing this Jezebel site, "Oooo, there's an FTM character on Degrassi."

On what?

She posted the link on my Facebook wall.

I have no idea what Degrassi is, but I do know at least two things.

Thing #1: Kids at the LGBQT youth center I volunteer at rave about it. Apparently it's popular.

Thing #2: They just introduced an FTM character.

After watching all of the little excerpts, it looks like a predictable after-school special WB something-another drama of some sort. But an adorable one that aims to add a diversity of characters that kids in the real world can actually relate to. From this article about the show, the writers even read online diaries of trans kids and also had GLAAD consult on the script. So neat.

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  1. Degrassi has been around ever since we were young. I can't believe you've never seen it! Its always been the cutting edge teen after school show.

    Degrassi taught me things like... If you drink beer, you WILL get in a car accident and die or you WILL get pregnant. Sometimes herpes isn't as bad as everyone says, as long as your friends still like you after you've told them about the herp... These are all very important life lesson, perhaps we should have a degrassi viewing?

  2. For serious? I guess I was too busy watching Evil Dead 2, Dead Alive, Willow, Robocop, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :\

    All containing very important life lessons!


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