Day 2 of The Gauntlet

Today was my second day of classes, which all went well. I bicycled in the morning with my dad, which is a surprisingly fast method of transportation. For some magical reason, everything seems faster in peddle land than automobile-ville. It's a 30 minute bicycle ride that just, flies by. Unfortunately, wearing a binder while wearing a heavy backpack and sweating profusely for 30 minutes is not a good time.

But I have developed a solution. Sort of.

I put my bicycle outfit together last night, which consists of my loose jersey, my T-Kingdom 801 zip-up binder, and some light Underworks shorts. Then I made sure to start bicycling early enough this morning that it's nice and cool out and we have time to stop by a cafe before class. Here, I can use the cafe's single stall restroom to change out of my wet, uncomfortable binder and into a dry binder, shirt, and shorts.

With all of that binder-swap prepping under my belt, my first class was Art History. Right when I walked in, I was caught off-guard when the teacher exclaimed, "This must be Dexter. Hello!"It was a little unnerving, until another student walked in and he had their name pegged, also. Apparently our professor had spent time memorizing our faces and names in preparation for class. That's a talent!

I was really impressed by how hard he was working to get everyone in the class to engage and participate. He seemed nervous, and later I learned that this was the very first class he has ever taught.

I learned this after I had been whining with another student right after his class about how the building we were in was terrible because it lacked adequate seating. Our professor overheard our conversation while walking by and mistakingly believed we were referring to his class. Uh oh.

He tried to keep walking, but stopped and admitted to us that he'd overheard us calling his class terrible. Oops. Which was cleared up, fortunately. That wouldn't have been a good start.

And my name, "Dexter", was used left and right. I love hearing it repeatedly in reference to me.

Today's mom lunch:

Faux-shrimp noodle casserole, peaches, chocolate chips with vegan marshmallows, gummy bunnies, and a P&B sandwich I'd consumed pre-photo.

"Oh, you're so COOL, Brewster!"

With my binder situation I can also use the single stall restroom at the cafe (coffee shops = great for studying AND contain single-stall restrooms!) to change back into my loose-binder and bicycle outfit for peddling home. I think this system will work for now.

Speaking of restrooms, I really want to meet with my school's LGBQT club when they get together next to discuss the possibility of making a map outlining where unisex/single-stall restrooms are located on campus. I only know of one, but it's in a high-traffic area so it's frequently occupied. If I do get in, the lock is messed up. Which is no bueno.


  1. Have you checked out the school's gym facilities? If the gym isn't crowded around the time you get to (or leave) campus, maybe there's someplace in there you could change clothes in private.

  2. you make me want to make my own lunch for work.... It's a thought, perhaps sometime soon I can put it into action


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