Underwork's Double Front Compression Shirt (Model 997) Desert-Tested Review

My last post now leads to a review for the binder I wore on my trip and have been wearing continuously (and washing - don't fret!) these past few weeks: the Underwork's Double Front Compression Shirt (Model 997) in size large.

I chose to wear it on my camping trip to the desert because I knew that a.) it's the least hot due to not double-binding and b.) I can most comfortably wear my smallest/lightest shirts in it because it binds tight enough solo.

I initially purchased it in XL, tried it on, and sent it back for L. When I tried L on for the first time, it felt too tight. I wasn't able to put it on like a shirt, and instead had to step into it and lift it up. And now, just a few weeks later and even after washing, it's snug, fits well, and I can put it on like a shirt.

It's, by far, my favorite binder. I like it so much that I have a hard time not wearing it every.single.day and leaving my other binders on their hangers to gather lint and dust.

It's just tight enough that I don't need to double-bind to feel comfortable. Like I mentioned above, I can even wear semi-tight shirts in it. But it's also not too tight that I feel suffocated (unless it's all.day.long in a waterless, shadeless desert) or limited in movement for day-to-day city activities; including bicycling.

Also, it looks a lot like the Underworks Style 988 binder - but the 988 binds up top with a cotton exterior that adds another layer of heat; and the loose cotton bottom doesn't fit as snug in my more handsome tighter tops and vests. It's a nice binder, but the Style 997 is tight around my entire torso like a second sin. This way I can wear more handsome outfits, it's kinder on my back for some reason and it's thinner and easier to ignore while also somehow binding stronger. Bindy magic to the max!

UPDATE: While this is still my favorite binder thus far, it causes me to develop acid reflux moreso than any other binder. I suspect this is due to the stomach compression. It isn't absolutely horrible, but enough that I've been consuming TUMS if I wear it too often. I switch to my T-Kingdom M801 binder (and no binder at all when I'm home) for a break and it helps.


  1. I keep thinking about getting one of the full-length underworks binders, but I don't like the idea of pressure on my belly. It'd probably help with the issue of hips, though...
    My partner uses a full-length one, and one of the things he mentioned was that using one that only binds halfway really hurt his back - maybe it's the extra length of this new one that isn't so tough on your back? Just a thought.

  2. darcy: My problem EXACTLY. The halfway binders really aggravate my back, too - even though I'm positive that they're not as hot as a full-length one.

    I totally agree that this one being so long is exactly why it doesn't aggravate my back. Instead, after a little bit my shoulders will get tired from it, but if I pull it up and un-tuck it just a tiny bit it relieves a bit of that pressure.

  3. Hi, I just read your review about this binder 997 and I am really torn about what size to get cause I am would be like a size 31 which is an extra small but I kinda do like eating (breathing?) and feeling comfortable. Should I go for the extra small or the small?

  4. Hey Ran! Well, go with whichever size you can determine from their sizing chart will most likely fit you the best. What's great about Underworks is their customer service and how swiftly they'll send, without question, a new size if the size you ordered doesn't fit.

    Twice now I've ordered binders in a size too large and one in a size too small. I didn't leave either on for too long - just, tried them on and tried to gauge if it was too tight or too loose, then sent them back and hoped the size smaller/larger would be perfect. And, both times, the new sizes were. :]

  5. I have two of these- one black, one white. I hear you on the stomach compression. I don't get reflux but sometimes it just hurts after I wear it for a long time but that's usually only when I'm bloated or hormonal.

    I've tried lighter ones and it wasn't enough. My partner recently got one of the ones that compresses in the chest but not the stomach and it's real comfy but it doesn't compress that much.

    My biggest gripe with the double front is that, since I have hips, it rolls up if I don't have jeans with a belt to hold it down.

  6. Hey Corvus, does the binder that compresses the chest but not the stomach cause lower back pain at all? At least that your partner has noticed?


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