Big news gender n' name changing smack down at long last kapooie time!

Big news! Yesterday morning, at long last, I filed my paperwork for a name AND gender change!

These are the steps that I took to do so:

1) Following the instructions here, I downloaded and mailed in the Department of Corrections Certification Regarding Sex Offender Registry (PDF) form months ago.

When I didn't hear back after two weeks, it dawned on me that I should probably call to find out why. Low and behold, I was informed that I should have read those instructions more carefully because they also required a self-addressed and stamped envelope. So I got an envelope, self-addressed it, stamped it, folded it up and stuffed it into another envelope that I addressed to S.O.R.P. / 14717 Minuteman Drive / Draper, UT 84020 and mailed off.

In less than a week I had the form back, signed and ready to go.

2) So then I included it with these other forms I printed and filled out from here (all in PDF format):

and also these papers, which I couldn't find online and a trans friend e-mailed to me. If you want copies, let me know!

  • Petition for Name and Gender Change. The Petition for NAME change (not gender) is located here.
  • Amend Birth Certificate form (not necessary, to my knowledge - but I threw it in there for good measure.)
  • Motion to Seal Case.
  • Order Sealing Case (I wonder if this and the "Order Changing Name" above are redundant? Better safe than annoyed judge sorry, I say!)

Stephanie and I ventured to the Salt Lake City court house. Upon entering and after security, we found the information table who directed us to the appropriate room.

The room was easy to find and we were greeted with a line of approximately ten or so people. Once I got up to the counter and to a window the employee asked, "So what are you here for today?", and I replied, "I'm filing for a name and gender change.", to which she informed me, "Oh! You didn't have to wait in line! Right over there is the PROBATE line!" - where, of course, there was no line.

So I moseyed on over to the probate line. The clerk working was exceptionally friendly and helpful. She went through the paperwork, started a file, had me sign this and fill out that. Then she'd sign this and fill out that and stamp it, page by page by page.

I expressed concern that I might've filled out too much paperwork or potentially forgot something, but she reassured me that it was for sure enough to "get my case started" and that I'd have a clerk to call about any concerns and that a case number and judge would be assigned to me.

Good enough.

And then, once finished with that stack of papers and signing and stamping, she said, "Alright, so that will be a $350 filing fee."

And I replied with yet another stack of papers from here to waive that $350!
  1. Checklist (for me - doesn't have to be submitted)
  2. Motion and Affidavit to Waive Fees.
  3. Financial Affidavit Supporting Motion to Waive Fees.
  4. Proposed Order on Motion to Waive Fees.
  5. Memorandum Demonstrating Inability to Pay Fees.
To which she replied, "Oh boy." - and off she went to filling more stuff out, signing this, stamping that, double-checking this, correcting that.

I had, however, forgotten to attach any financial proof - like a copy of my tax return. Knowing that I had two days before my file would be "sent upstairs" and into the hands of my assigned judge, I printed out a copy last night and went back first thing this morning to give it to them.

The same clerk was working and my file hadn't been sent up yet, so she included the information I brought. Before attaching it, however, she had me use a black marker to cross out everything but the last four digits of my social security number and anything that had my bank routing or account information.

She told me, "The hard part is over. It all goes very quickly from here on!", and also mentioned that I wouldn't know if the fee was waived or not until my hearing. None, some, or all of it could be waived, depending.

I was given a card with the name of the judge whose been assigned to my case, my case number, and also the phone number and name of the clerk I'm supposed to call in two days from now to ask, "Have you received my file?", and ,"Do I need to bring in anything else? Do you have everything you need?", and, presumably, will then be told the date and time of my hearing.


  1. Holy CRAP, Mel! I'm going to have to do this soon, so I appreciate the detail you put in to this post, but honestly? This scares the crap out of me. =/

    Also, I'm sad that Erin and I didn't bump in to you at Pride or at the trans rally this last weekend. =P


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