You be a fool, sir. Do ye think me a strumpet?

I have always celebrated my birthday by dragging my loved ones to something that they wouldn't otherwise do. For example, acouple of years ago I deemed that we all go to see a special screening of Rambo that had Sylvester Stallone rambling on for about 45 minutes before the movie even started. And, during this time, I noticed that one friend had fallen asleep before the movie had even started.

See, I really like Rambo. And the fact that friends and family would sit through the horror of it just because they love me is a birthday gift in and of itself. Like they'd go to hell and back for me - which, sitting through Sylvester Stallone talking for 45 minutes is pretty much just that. Unless you're me. Then it's highly, highly entertaining.

So this year? We went to the Renaissance Festival.

Yesterday my immediate family and I went to breakfast, then returned to my home to throw on kilts before traveling onwards to "the village of Marriott-Slaterville" (about a 30 or so minute drive from Salt Lake City).

Before hitting the festival, we stopped at the closest gas station to use the loo, but the storm of rural locals completely paralyzed me from getting out of the car in a kilt to use the bathroom. I decided to wait until we got to the festival to hunt down a privy.

On a side note and speaking of bathrooms, by the way, the weirdest thing happened last night while at a dollar theater. I enter the restroom and there was one guy in there, at the urinal. I head for the stall. While taking care of business, I hear another guy enter the loo. He stands near the other guy and I hear him say, "You call that a penis? You should be sitting with that thing." Whoa! To which the recipient of the comment immediately zipped up and left the bathroom. I remained in the stall until he left. Scary!

We then got to the festival, and partook in an entire day of fun! First stop? The booth selling "Renaissance" style flasks and bottles with root beer in them and $1 unlimited refills! Mmm!

My funny little shoes.

Entering the festival in search of a privy.

My brother in his programmer of the future!!!!! fantasy costume.

This stage later hosted a magical magic show of gypsy delights.

My mom in her English conqueror costume, looking onwards for more land and victims.

The "English" jouster.


Scottish wins!

A fierce clanky battle.

Hilarious play.

We suspect these were down here to warn passerby of poison ivy. Definitely wise to wander down for a photo op.

Gany, a rare four-legged pointy-snouted beast of the forest, wasn't aware of the camera and ruined this photo.

We had so much fun. And, on top it all some friends are throwing me a birthday BBQ today! Spoiled much? Which will, officially, be my first "birthday party" ever.


  1. Hey! Happy Birthday and I have to add, you look great in the photos.

    And I loved the one, Huzzah, with the snow capped mountains in the back ground (yeah, I know, you're probably so use to seeing it).

    Sounds like you had a real happy birthday.

  2. Jude: Thank you!

    And yeah, our mountains are BEAUTIFUL. They are definitely a huge perk to living here. Backpacking/hiking/camping/snow-showing/municycling galore!

  3. Happy Birthday! Thanks for posting the videos and pics. I forgot to go this year (palm slap).

    It's been nice to read your blog. It's very well written and poignant.

  4. Eric: You forgot to go this year? WTF? You're the KING of the Renaissance Festival! No wonder something felt off about it!

  5. too bad i had to work that day. i could have been sitting under a tree; uninterested, texting, and/or sleeping. happy birthday, indeed.


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