There was a star danced, and under that was I born.

Today is my birthday!

As a gift, I would be greatly appreciative to anyone who is willing to donate to my top surgery. Take notice that the "Amount Raised" surpassed "Amount Needed" as of yesterday. Every little bit IS helping and the seemingly insurmountable has become mountable!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I have no words.

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In other news, thought I should mention that earlier this month TransFM radio host Ethan St. Pierre received a call-in about the language being considered by ENDA regarding transgender workers and bathroom usage (not yet carved in stone). From the Trans Group Blog:
Among the key points:

* Employers will not be permitted to force a transgender employee to use a bathroom that is opposite of their gender identity, but they also will not be obligated to allow that employee to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, as long as (currently undefined) reasonable accommodations are made. In other words, employers will be allowed to segregate transgender employees and create the modern equivalent of "Whites Only" and "Negro" bathroom facilities specifically intended to exclude Transgender-Americans from the rest of the workforce.

* These rules may only be applied to transsexual employees who are currently transitioning, and those who have already completed the transition process will not be affected. What we don't yet know here is what will be the requirements to be considered as fully transitioned. There is concern that if Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) is required in order to be considered fully transitioned this will create a situation where those who are healthy enough and can afford SRS will enjoy at least some protections in the workplace, while those transpeople who cannot afford SRS, don't want it, or are not eligible candidates for SRS for medical or other reasons will continue to be denied full civil rights as Americans in perpetuity.


  1. happy late birthday!!! your birthday is shared by many people i'm fond of!


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