Cazwell, Amanda Lepore, permeating queerdom and the bain of acid reflux

About four years ago I traveled to New York City for a conference where I knew that I had to do the following things:
  • Go on an edible wild foods tour through Central Park with Wild Man Steve Brill (who was arrested for foraging back in the day)
  • See the Museum of Sex
  • Eat lots of vegan food
  • See Cazwell - a "homo-hop" artist who frequently collaborates with trans performer Amanda Lepore
I accomplished all of the above minus a Cazwell fix. Why? His show was all booked.

A little about my beloved homo hop artist - from Wikipedia,

During the summer of 2007, Cazwell was a part of the multi-artist True Colors Tour, which traveled through 15 cities in North America. The tour, sponsored by LOGO, was hosted by comedian Margaret Cho and headlined by Cyndi Lauper and included Rufus Wainwright, The Dresden Dolls, Rosie O'Donnell, Indigo Girls, Stephen Reed and other special guests. Profits from the tour helped to benefit LGBT organizations Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG and The Matthew Shepard Foundation.
He's great, and so is Amanda Lepore. So when I heard that they would be coming through the great salty lake, I knew I'd be going with no hurdle too great to conquer!

And that opportunity was last Saturday at a peculiar venue called, appropriately enough, The Venue. It's a massive warehouse of sorts where half of it (the half where the stage is located) is caged off for the 18-21 year olds. Then the other half is reserved for 21+, who have the freedom to travel between cages. The thing is, a cage full of seemingly incredibly intoxicated 18-21 year olds to get near the stage can get pretty overwhelming - but, as as I said, no hurdle is too great to conquer when it comes to Cazwell and Amanda Lepore.

Finally Cazwell bounced on stage  around 1am wearing basketball shorts and a red hoodie. In no time at all he removed said red hoodie to reveal a little monkey hat and suspenders. And then Amanda Lepore performed.

At this point a couple of never-expose-selves-to-queer-culture hetero cisgender guys I know showed up. They looked dumbfounded and baffled by the amount of queerness permeating the room from every direction and eventually leaned over to ask me, "She used to be a man?", to which I replied, "She was assigned male at birth, yes.", and, he asked, "How did she get those hips?!"

It was good for them. And the show was a lot of fun. Finally, at long last, I got my CazLapore fix!

Health Update

In other news, I've had the absolute worst heart burn these past few weeks; which I've never experienced before. I suspect it stems from binding and it's gotten to the point that I now have heartburn medicine and take it on an almost nightly basis. I've also read that coffee can exacerbate acid reflux and heartburn, so I'm definitely going to have to work on cutting it out of my diet. At least until I'm not binding anymore. And, by that point, perhaps my addiction will be de-toxed out of every pore! Including my bare chest pores!


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