Whose card is this?

I just got home from a venture to a local LGBQT novelty/card shop to acquire this little reusable coffee cup that I noticed there a couple of weeks ago:

Gah! So cute! And look, it's disguised as a non-reusable cup! I figured that when I take my weekly trip to a trendy coffee shop to get a delicious and caffeine-laden beverage, the paper or polystyrene cups with plastic lids are not the ideal vessels for my wannabe-eco-friendly self to be drinking out of.

So, I figured, for $10 I could buy this "I Am Not a Paper Cup" cup and reuse it over and over again.

When I went up to pay for this little cup, the employee closely inspected my debit card and asked to see my ID - okay, that's normal and a good thing she's actually checking. As I was scooping out my wallet to find my ID she then confronted me by asking, "Whose card is this?", to which I jokingly replied, "Oh yes, do you want her ID or mine?", and then seriously added, "Actually, it's mine. I'm transgender and that's my name."

I handed her my ID and she examined it closely.

She then asked if I was planning to legally change it and I told her that I was planning to at some point.

And then another employee there who knows me approached and vouched for my credibility as a customer with, "Mel's good people."


  1. I LOVE my "I am not a Paper Cup!" I'm saddened that it only holds 8oz... plus you'll never expect the last sip due to the weight of the cup itself... but Dang it sure is cute!

    I too am excited for the new Freddy!! Have you seen the movie "Inside?" It is so twisted.

  2. Only 8oz!? Noooooo!!!!!!! So lame! Just a snag. A solution exists...

    I HAVE seen Inside. I own it, in fact - it's a favorite, big time. I'm betting that The Human Centipede will be even more twisted. Have you seen the trailer for it?


  3. There are cold beverage versions, too! Look up the Copco Cold Beverage Mug - also damn cute.

  4. Something about that trailer made me really squeamish... It wasn't particularly brutal... and hardly gory at all - but boy oh boy did I think about hurling for a second. I bet my mang is going to go nuts for it. You two should get together and watch horrible horror movies together - he has a knack for picking out the very worst ones!

    I just found a 16 oz version (same company, different model) on Amazon... I can't wait to get it! Aren't they the best :) That cold version is almost too cute.

  5. I don't expect new Freddy to be anywhere as good as original Freddy. Good choice of actor for Freddy, but without a good Nancy, it will suck. Nancy and Freddy are linked like Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Notice that all the good Nightmare movies had Heather Langenkamp (Parts 1, 3 and New Nightmare--Part 4 was fun too, but for other reasons). The Nancy in this new one looks like a generic teen with no personality. :(

  6. Caroline: Doesn't it look great? You two should come see it with me - it's coming out nationwide May 7th!

    I share this wonderful talent of finding the worst of the worst with your mang - have you two seen Mum & Dad?

  7. Boyd: It's going to be SO GOOD. Don't knock it til' you see it. I'm going into it expecting great gore effects and a (hopefully) actually scary Freddy minus the clown factor - the old 80s Freddy made too many jokes.


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