Upcoming FTM Documentary

Female To Male from Rhea Kewalramani on Vimeo.

From thetranscender.com:

A documentary film by my friend and filmmaker Rhea Kewalramani, starring Azad (Homegrownboi), Kai (This Gendered Life), Sebastian (XX Boy), and yours truly (The Transcender). This will be shown at Cannes Film Festival 2010 so…watch out for us, world!

Oh I will!

Although, I do wish that there was a documentary out there that had feminine trans guys like Adrian the hotty in it.

Even though it's likely that this documentary doesn't have glitter-glam-barbie-loving transmen running amok; it does look like it definitely branches away from the gender binary with different ideas in regards to sex, gender as a spectrum, how it's expressed, how various individuals identify and why they transition, etc. A more broad portrayal.

I'm excited to see it when it comes out. It looks promising!

Perhaps Adrian would be too much of a gender bedazzling mind splurt for most audiences. But, seeing as I'm a big fan of glamtastic mind BOOM!, I can't wait for the day that gender'sploding documentary comes out. Has it already? If so, someone tell me! I want it!

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  1. Maybe the most amazing read I read this week :P


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