Trans Student Attacked on CSULB Campus

Came across this story (from this blog) about a 27-year-old trans student named Colle Carpenter who was attacked while on a break from class at Cal State earlier this month.

From the victim,
"I’ve been terrified to come back to campus… The person who attacked me knew my name… pushed me back into a stall and carved “it” into my chest.

For those of you that don’t know why “it” is such a derogatory term, it takes away a person’s humanity. It takes away their personhood and makes them less than human.

Know that what happened to me didn’t just happen to me – it happened to the entire community… Those of us that are visibly queer, those of us that are out about being queer, are scared."

Ugh. The attacker hasn't been found yet.


  1. I hope they find the idiot that did this and prosecute him to the full extent of the law or even better yet carve something derogatory into his chest!!!

    I was amazed it was California, then I saw it was Southern California and it made sense. So sad the SOCAL is still so stuck in the 70's!!!

    This is why we need the Human Rights Coalition so badly. Why cant we all just be treated equally???

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Seth's mom.

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