Sister Spit and Hormone-Raging Acne

Salt Lake City is a really happening place when it comes to the world of queer - more-so with each new day! Last night I attended a Sister Spit show at a venue called Mestizo Cafe. First, the venue is super neat. As one reviewer said about it,

When I was in Spain I got to know a number of Gitanos (Gypsy’s) who were an energetic people, full of life and culture. Despite this, the Spaniards often called the Gitanos “Mestizo”, meaning that they were a mix of cultures and nationalities rather than “true” Spaniards. For the most part it didn’t ruin their spirits.

In this same open attitude and one of acceptance, Utah artist Ruby Chacon along with her husband, Terry Hurst have opened Mestizo Coffee House, embracing the diversity and yes, the mixing of cultures that exists in the Salt Lake Valley and in particular, the West side.

Not only is it a hub of activism; it's also a community space - one that oozes diversity and acceptance. The last time I went to an event at Mestizo was when Athens Boys Choir came to town.

Prior to going, I had never heard of Sister Spit. All I knew involved these three words: 'queer', 'mestizo', 'trans'. And thus, I was sold. With the above three ingredients? Can't go wrong!

Essentially the group consisted of a handful of individuals all sharing stories through different mediums. Poetry, illustration, comics, zines, story-telling.

Admittedly, I'm not a fan of poetry. I don't hate it. I just don't prefer it. Especially when it comes to a venue where someone reads their poem as the audience umphs and finger snap. The finger snapping gets to me. But last night an exception came sprouting up through the poetry indifferent cracks - Lenelle Moise, a Haitian-American slam poet.

All of her poems permeated the room with substance, emotion, and thought-provoking issues. So good. Read her plethora of amazingness here.

Hormone-Raging Acne News

I've developed a fear of benzoyl peroxide after reading this article appropriately titled Do Not Use Benzoyl Peroxide To Treat Your Acne.

Just last March I began an acne regimen that's been pretty effective, minus the time I went to San Diego and my face burned and blew away in flakes. Oh, and minus the occasional redness, sun-sensitivity and frequent skin tightness. In this article, the author writes,

I wasn’t particularly comfortable about putting such a strong chemical on my face but all of these resources promised that it would give me beautiful clear skin so I decided to go for it. I just ignored the fact that it kept bleaching my towels even after I’d washed and rinsed my hands.

Me, too!


A couple of weeks into using the BP, my skin started to get dry. And then it got dryer and dryer until I had to greatly reduce the amount I was using and paste as much moisturiser and oil as I could onto my face to get rid of the flakiness and tight skin. It was really horrible. My acne was improving but my skin started looking tired and old because it was so dry.

Me, too, again!

Since reading this, I've been gradually reducing the amount of benzoyl peroxide I apply. Instead of building up to the two full pumps recommended, I'm currently using a little less than one pump and going crazy with the moisturizer. As I've reduced it, my acne has been coming back a bit - but it's manageable. So far.

In time, I hope that I won't need the benzoyl peroxide but, as it is right now, my hormones are too much for diet and exercise to compete with.


  1. Thanks, Our home is your home. It is time to build a world where we can all enjoy each others company and creativity. We are not asking permission, or suggesting it as an idea, we are creating and we are thankful that you and Sister Spit are participating with us. Paz!

    Terry Hurst and Ruby Chacon

  2. You should try a product with salicylic acid, instead of BP. It's way less harsh on your skin, won't bleach your towels, and just as effective at killing the buggies that cause acne.

    Of course if you over use it, it will still cause redness and flaking and all that fun stuff, but you can get it in different strengths - here's an article:

  3. Joe: Indeed! It's a very neat and cozy space. Everyone I know loves it!

  4. I don't have acne on my face since T, but I do have pretty nasty back/shoulder/chest acne. It's gotten pretty bad lately, all cystic and red. I never had acne in my life before this.

    I started out with the acids and chemicals but I didnt have much luck and my skin always felt dry and irritated.

    So I started to look into the holistic/natural remedies for acne and finally as of this week I am seeing some positive results.

    I'm taking a multi vitamin, and fish oil supplement. I know you're vegan, so maybe there is a different oil supplement you can take? I've read that ingested natural oils can help with adding moisture to the dried out skin.

    I bought Tea Tree Oil soap at Trader Joes. I use that in the shower. It cleans well adn rinses away easily.

    At night, I've been using a diluted mixture of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and water (2 parts water 1 part Bragg's). The ACV stinks pretty bad but the smell goes away after a few minutes.

    I moisturize with 100% pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is an oil that doesn't clog pores and has made my skin really soft. A little goes a long way too.

    The acne isn't gone, but it's drastically improved since I started this regimen only a week or so ago.

    I also started washing my hair with head and shoulders shampoo because I read that the zinc in it can also help with acne. I take some of the lather and rub it over the acne prone areas and let it sit for a minute before I rinse.

    I am also going to try gettign my T suspended in Sesame oil at a compounding pharmacy instead of the common cotton sead oil that is more mainstream. I've heard that acne could be a reaction of a sort of allergy to the cotton seed oil.

    I've read great things about African Raw Black Soap and Raw Shea Butter from Ghana. I'm going to buy some and try it. I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. i saw them when they came through last, they made me happy.

  6. Jesse: Thanks for the info! What do you think of jojoba oil?


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