Photo Documentation: 1 Year & 4 Months

So, at long last I'm doing a quick photo update. It's not elaborate, but I got some of my tummy hair and whisker action in here; which are the most important! And I forced myself to grow out my flesh beard as much as I could muster and will shave immediately after posting this.

I'll do profile shots soon enough; perhaps in some of my old clothes to demonstrate how I so.don' in such things anymore. The lighting available to me is all kinds of wonky - I either get to go for the orange paint upstairs which makes me glow red, or the yellow hue lights downstairs. Bear with me here.

1 Year 4 Months on Testosterone Cypionate (0.7 mL every 2 weeks)
(Click on images for larger so-detailed-it-hurts versions)

Stomach (hair growth + fat redistribution):

Facial Hair/Acne/Facial Masculinizing
Oh us trans men and our obsession over every new whisker. It's so exciting!


  1. I pay so much to get rid of any chin hairs, and you are excited for them. :) Looking good!

  2. Kate: Ha! Bizarre, isn't it? Trust me - chin hairs bother me, too. My increasingly stubbly chin is NOT fun to touch in comparison to what used to be much more soft and smooth. But, it sure does feel right; so, whatdoyado.



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