Perspiration, Bindies, Edjamacation, and Good News!

Binders are really not fun. Especially if one bicycles and perspires a lot. Which results in becoming an itchy, uncomfortable mess prone to rashes. And I can't wait to rip it off as soon as possible to let my skin breathe and to cool down.

But I did find a potential solution to make binding-while-active more bearable.

To combine binders.

Once upon a time, I accidentally ordered the Extreme Chest Concealer FTM Chest Binder in the wrong size - one size up from what I should be wearing. But I decided to use it anyway. Instead of binding as tightly as it should, it binded enough while also not restricting my breathing or comfort all that much. Which makes it perfect for bicycling, wearing in a movie theater, etc. And to add some extra binding I combined it with my T-Kingdom 801 zip-up binder. For instance, if I'm at a movie theater I can unzip the 801 to breathe a little better and to sit more comfortably. But as soon as it's over and the lights are on, I can zip the 801 back up and compress better. Or while peddling along vigorously on my bicycle I can unzip the 801 to breathe better. And once I'm done I can zip it back up all subtle-like.

The downside is that this turns into two layers of binding, which is uncomfortable. But wearing two looser binders is a more versatile solution than being trapped under one tight binder all day. I'm able to unzip the outside 801 binder for comfort multiple times throughout the day in environments where it's not obvious (e.g. movies, studying in the coffee shop, etc.).

In other news, earlier today I completed the remainder of my application for the McNair Scholars program - which is a federally funded effort to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups who go on to graduate study. I'm a low-income, first-generation (e.g. first to potentially graduate college) in my family and this program looks really beneficial.

Crossing my fingers that I'm accepted. Either way, I'm definitely resuming my education this coming Fall.


  1. sounds like your brother is quite a guy!

  2. @slc.gyrl: Well, I wouldn't say -that- much. ;P

  3. ooh i had to wear a compression garment when i had lipo. bugged the hell outta me. almost as much as when the nurse kept calling it a compression garment when we both knew it was a girdle with a pee/sex hole.
    i hated that nurse.

  4. Willam: She called it a compression garment? I'm totally calling my binders "compression garments" now. I don't have a pee/sex hole though, most unfortunately. At least not in my compression garment. :(


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