Original Plumbing, featuring a very hairy beary

Speaking of whisker excitement, I received issue #2 of Original Plumbing a few days ago. I'm just as excited about it as I was about receiving the first issue! Gadz I love this trans guy objectification shindig.

This one is the "hair issue" featuring some trans fellers who have long passed the cusp of every.little.whisker obsession and onwards to the world of tediously insurmountable manscape.

Look at Ayden! Holy hairy! Is there no limit to such madness!?

Margaret Cho has a little interview in it, to boot!

I really ought not put a photo of Ayden so close to my most recent-and-now-VERY-bare-looking photo documentation but, well, one thing led to another.


  1. i love OP mag!!!!!!!!!!!! and the creators of it and some boys that i know in there are beyond awesome.


  2. Isn't it the best? All that tranny boy objectification is empowering!


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