Mr.Trans Man 2010

Something downright transtastic occurred this past weekend in Brooklyn - a transman showdown:

, from host Murray Hill and Original Plumbing publisher Amos Mac.

The show sold out in advance.

SF hip-hop artist Katastrophe and queer Brooklyn band Inner Princess performed; and there were a slew of contestants who competed in platform, swimsuit, "realness," talent, and evening-wear categories in front of the judges Our Lady J, Kate Bornstein, Amos Mac, *Bob*, Glenn Marla and Susan Hair.

And thus, on April 25th, the first-ever "Mr.Transman" was crowned - slam poet Kit Yan won the title. He got some cash and will be appearing in an upcoming spread in Original Plumbing. There was also an FTM beauty pageant at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, hosted by Murray Hill; a nightlife personality who has hosted the city’s Miss Lez Pageant for the past nine years.

Murray Hill said in an interview about the event,

"I tell the kids, ‘When I was your age, we had butch and femme and that was it.’ Now, the queer scene is much more diverse than it has ever been,... The Transman competition is truly a direct response to there being almost no visibility of this group in our society.”

I can't wait to attend Mr. Transman 2011!


  1. hi there mel.
    i've just start to read your blogs couple of days before.
    it's full of info that i really want to know about ftm.
    i salute you for your boldness to do the transition.
    wish i had it too.
    btw, gudluck!

  2. Neekole: I want to! Since my one performer talent is unicycling, I may just compete in the beauty pageant. I'll get my speedo ready. ;P

  3. RieZachry: Thanks, Rie! I wish that I could read yours! ;P


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