Back to the Future

I feel like I'm living in a warped Back to the Future bubble reminiscent of Marty McFly and Doc Brown.

Here I am living in a social reality where I'm generally read/treated as a young cisgender male in his early 20s. I'm taking Drivers Ed and getting my drivers license for the first.time.ever. I'm resuming college alongside people who are actually in their late teens, after originally dropping out of high school and then experiencing a four-year frozen academic record hiatus.

I'm experiencing a slew of puberty-ridden foreign shenanigans that have me surprising myself and learning new things on a daily basis. And the hormone acne onslaught is a constant aesthetically pleasant reminder.

I even have the less-plushy blue version of Marty McFly's ridiculous life vest.

And aviators.

And a semi-fluffy 80s-esque hair-do.

And incredibly plush, cozy sneakers.

BUT! I bicycle! I do not skate board! So, at least I have that going for me.

It's an interesting experience, big time. I'm registered for my Fall classes now, so I'm excited to experience new peer interactions - in other words, how my interactions/experiences will differ in comparison to my college days prior to hormone therapy.

I already have the campus counselor location sought out. And the campus health services. And the LGBQT campus group.

All of this Back to the Future talk has reminded me of an incredibly mature video my dad pointed me towards:

Even my sense of humor has regressed. Take notice that this video is from a website called "College Humor". Oh boy.


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