The Land Of San Diego

I love San Diego, California with all of the beaches, perfect weather, and water. It's extremely refreshing and beautiful. Especially for a native of Utah, where beaches and unsalted water are a novelty.

Sunshine. Joggers. Beach. Waves. Surfers. Dog walking galore. A DOG BEACH. An actual downtown with pedestrians and night life. On and on.

I just went on a road trip there with three friends of mine - Erin, Jude, and Autumn. One night we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious Thai food prior to our plans to go dancing at a lesbian club. On our way we stumbled a really neat, independent CD store. I found numerous CDs I remember owning back in my junior high school days - for instance, from the Cranberries, Salt n' Peppa, and Crash Test Dummies.

While basking in nostalgia city, the Thai food hit me like a crashing wave slapping against rocks. I darted off to the employee and asked him, the urgency in my face, if there was a restroom I could use. He was a reluctant. He relayed to me that they do not have public restrooms, but then decided to let me use it. Whew!

The entrance to the employee's-only haven was hidden in the wall, behind a coat rack and a bunch of records. Once in, I noticed that it served as both a toilet, security camera station, AND office. Larger cities are excellent at utilizing small spaces, I've learned.

As I did my business, I noticed about 6 porn tapes stacked on top of the television. I watched my friends mull about in the store via the 5 security camera angles. And once finished, I flushed. Hmm, nothing. I flushed again. Water started to fill up the bowl. CLOGGED. I didn't dare try again and searched for a plunger. Nada.

I exited and there stood my friend, Autumn, waiting to take her turn.

Seriously? That Thai food!

I scooted past her, she entered, and almost as fast as she'd walked in she swiftly exited. She then found me in the store, tapped me on the shoulder, and asked, "Did you know it was clogged?"

I admitted that yes, I did.

She wandered out of the CD store on her broken foot with cane in hand to meander down the street in search of another bathroom.

And then Erin used the restroom. Afterwards, he also tapped me on the shoulder and whisper-confessed that he had clogged the toilet.

As I purchased my goods I confessed and apologized to the employee. He chuckled, "Oh, don't worry, man. It happens to all of us! Besides, the morning person will have to deal with it."

Poor morning person! I bring up this restroom tale because with the restroom situation in general, every time we went out my three travel companions would enter the women's restroom as a group, laughing and chatting. Meanwhile, I'd be in the dead silent, poo-permeating men's restroom as their giggles echoed through the walls. This is different.

Later, at the lesbian club, I felt so invisible. One perk, though, is that familiar men's restroom emptiness. No lines. Although, I heard there was a towel girl in the women's.

Picture time!

A boring pit stop on the way to Vegas. Next!

Being tortured in a Vegas elevator.

San Diego, at last!

Jude on the beach.

Jude pulling my spandy shorts up high while I try to get away. 

Waiting to go whale watching! 

Our whale watching ship arrives, the "Lord Hornblower". Too easy.

Look what passes by!

And this! Gar!

And these little guys!


Whale blow holes! I was really sea sick at this point, so I was glad we finally found them. 

And in the distance!

And then we ended up at beautiful La Jolla Cove. 

And then later, at the lesbian club.

Lady gaga going gaga.

The End.


  1. the last time i was san d. i went kayaking to the la jolla cave, it was great! thanks for keeping such an awesome blog btw!

  2. @slc.gyrl: It's so beautiful! We literally spent an entire day there, just basking in it.

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