Male Bonding?

Jude accompanied me earlier today to grab a charger kit for my scooter at a local bike shop. When I asked the employee if they carried scooter battery chargers, he told me that they didn't - but that a nearby business just up the street did.

He provided me directions, starting with asking me if I knew there the strip club was. A landmark that he assumed I would know of. I did.

Was this a "male bonding" moment? I'm not sure. But according to Jude who was standing quietly near me, it was. And ze theorized that if ze had asked the same question, the employee wouldn't have used the same landmark.

Either way, it was definitely a first.

1 comment:

  1. Scooters must be pretty commonly used where you are that you can conveniently just pass by a scooter shop.

    That's very cool. It's definitely a strange new world.



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