Photo Documentation: 1 Year

Well, it hasn't been 1 year yet - technically. It will be 1 year on December 11th. Close enough!


1 Year on Testosterone Cypionate, 100mg every 2 weeks
(Click on images for larger so-detailed-it-hurts versions)

Stomach (hair growth + fat redistribution):

Definitely more fat distribution to my tummy. I shaved it recently for fun, but the hair has grown back and seems to be getting thicker every week!

Leg (hair growth + muscle development)

Knee moisturizer is in order. Also - more hair! Woo!

Facial Hair/Acne/Facial Masculinizing


  1. Mel, you look fabulous!

    Can I ask how long it took your monthly cycle to stop on 100mg every two weeks? I am taking almost double that, approx 90 mg a week (hard to measure but it's half of one line on the syringe less than 100 bcz my levels were high) I may want to ask my Dr to decrease more, but I'm afraid of the monthly beast coming back. I only got it once after starting T and I like not having to deal with that bs.

    I'll be posting some pics on my blog next week. more before and after comparisons. Stay tuned!

  2. BTW your acne is pretty mild. I'm just starting to break out on my face a bit, but for months I've been breaking out alot on my back/chest/shoulders and it's pretty bad. Do you have body acne as well?

  3. Thanks, Jess!

    I dug back in my blog a bit via the "menstrual cycle" label and it looks like my last semblance of a period was on February 27th, and I had my first injection on December 11th. So about 3 months.

    With acne, YES I do have it on my shoulders, back, and some on my chest. I've also been getting acne on my neck, which I hadn't experienced before. It's not too awful - I know there's acne back there, but they're not painful boils or anything. I have an acne body wash I use in the shower with an exfoliating scrub that helps, and I use a little bit of benzoyle peroxide every other day.

    I'm excited for your pictures!


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