Doctor Update and Foster Puppies

Real quick: December 11th will be my one year tranniversary!

I had a doctor appointment earlier this week. I was worried because this was my first appointment while not having health insurance. I called beforehand and was assured that she had a flat rate for non-insured patients that I could pay at the appointment. So I saved up, arrived, she sent me off to get my blood work done.

I haven't heard about the results yet, but will hopefully know by tomorrow. When I go in for a prescription refill the pharmacist is supposed to give my doctor a call and will adjust my dosage depending on the results. I've been on the exact same dosage all year, so ... I'll see if it changes or not.

Foster Puppies

Earlier this month a friend of mine who works at the Salt Lake County Animal Shelter called me about an emaciated pitbull dog with five little puppies. Without foster care, all of them (especially the puppies) will not make it in the shelter. Two had already died. She asked if I could be a foster home in the event the foster she'd found fell through.

I called my roommates and they approved of my accepting to be a Plan B Foster. One week later, I got a call saying that the initial foster parent had been caught hitting the mom and so they were taken away and brought to my place.

All of the puppies are 5 weeks old. And they are A LOT of work. For various survival-related reasons, the mom dog (Emma - who is only about a year old herself) is skin and bones and has been trying to survive herself. So she hasn't entirely bonded with her babies and won't nurse them consistently.

I've had them for a week now and all of them are gaining weight. They're also much more active. They'll be ready for new homes in no time! One of the pups has been struggling with some kind of respiratory issue, but after I introduced a humidifier to the bathroom (which is now a puppy incubator), he has been doing much better.

Here is my foster co-parent, Jude, being ravaged by the more-energetic-every-day puppies:


  1. Hey "Anonymous"! You posted:

    "Such a cute pic of the puppies and Jay.

    I love your Doctor!"

    Thanks for the post. They're way cute! I removed it and re-posted just to respect Jay's privacy by not using hiz real name. :]

  2. oh they are so cute!

    who agrees to foster a dog and her babies and then hits the mom? sheesh :(


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