1 Year Tranniversary!

Today, December 11th, is my one year Tranniversary!

I'll have a little celebratory dinner with my cute friends and family. And my friend, Andrew, is on his way over and offered to purchase me a drink. So, one gift thus far. Cha-ching! Perk!

My doctor called me about an hour ago and, after reviewing the results from my blood work, has upped my dose from 0.5 mL to 0.7 mL. (so just two marks past the 1/2 mark, which I've been injecting for one year now). She said that my body has been metabolizing the testosterone pretty quickly, hence upping the dose.

Since I injected 0.5 mL yesterday and received the call today, I figure it's close enough to my injection time to safely inject the remaining 0.2 mL today and then to start on the 0.7 mL regiment on my next injection day.

I'm happy that my dosage changed. The 0.5 mL was a shot in the dark from my very first meeting with her a year ago - kind of like a blanket beginner dose for all patients starting hormone therapy. Then to adjust the dosage 4 months later when comparing blood work. For some reason or another, I ended up seeing a different doctor who wasn't quite sure if or how to alter my dosage, so he err'ed on keeping it at 0.5 mL. And now, a year later, my original doctor looked at my blood work and decided to up my dose. Which makes me feel more confident that I'm on the dosage I should be.


  1. Happy Tranniversary. The 16th is my 6 month on T! Can you believe how fast time goes by?

  2. It goes by way fast. It's insane! Any plans for your 1 year? ;]

  3. that's still 6 mos away! Maybe I'll have a beach party. :)


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