Zionized 15: Transgender Awareness Month

This is embarrassing.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine at City Weekly referred me to someone who wanted to interview me for Transgender Awareness Month. Even though I'm actually very shy about this sort of thing, I agreed to it. Instead of doing the interview somewhere with just the two of us, I requested that we do it at the Utah Pride Center so he could potentially interview some other trans-identified people. I didn't feel comfortable about the idea of being a representative of other trans people.

I also hoped that I would appear for about 1.4 seconds and other people could fill up the remainder. I'd be a blurb. Get in, get out. Part done, stage fright averted. But that's not how reality panned out.

As my awkward and rare video documentations have proven, there's something about a camera 2" from my face that instantly liquefies my mind and transforms me into a terrified, monotone robot. No humor. Only terror. Absolute, sheer sweat and redness.


  1. Anxiety really sucks, lol. I doubt you'll find anyone who doesn't get nervous when it comes to interviewing or speaking publicly.

    You did great! Not even kidding, you were concise and to the point and answered his questions honestly and candidly. Proud of you.

  2. I don't know what you're talking about Mel, you did a fantastic job. I'm still cringing from the last time I had to speak in front of people. I didn't do much talking...more silent perspiration and a furrowed brow.

  3. You did fine. I'm never going to give up on helping you make a doc. It needs to exist, dammit!

  4. GaySLC: Public speaking terror DOES suck.

  5. Manna: Is there a video documenting your public speaking incident? If so, I wish to see it. THEN I'll feel better. ;]

  6. Douchebag: Only if we can throw your sister into it, too!

  7. I agree with Douchbaguette!!!

    I am really very serious too. I really think you are a very good tranny face(HEHE)...

    I really actually think you making a documentary would be a very helpful thing to the transgender community. I really honestly do.


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