Local Media: "Transgender officer living his dream -- as a cop and a man"

Look what popped up in The Salt Lake Tribune yesterday:

Bountiful police » 'We're glad he works here,' says chief.
By Rosemary Winters

As a child, Kerry Bell dreamed of growing up to become a policeman -- both a police officer and a man.

Becoming a cop was relatively simple -- Bell joined the Bountiful Police Department 14 years ago. Becoming a man took more time.

Born female, Bell came out as transgender about a year and a half ago and started a transition to a new life as a man. He always had felt male, but did not think switching genders was a viable option until he saw transgender people gaining wider acceptance, along with advances in medical technology. Read More >


  1. dude, great read! good for Kerry!!!

  2. I was at a party with him last night! Cool! I think SWAT is about as macho as you can get, really.


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